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Duration of Program

Program participants and their families are expected to make a minimum seven year commitment to the two way immersion program. This duration of enrollment ensures full development of both Spanish and English language skills. English speakers may enter at the Kindergarten or first grade levels. Spanish speakers may enter at kinder, first or second grade. Bilingual students may be admitted at any grade level depending on their level of literacy in Spanish and their oral English proficiency.

Language Separation

Spanish and English instruction are kept separate, allowing maximized concentration of both languages. Teachers do not use translation for comprehension. Instead, they use a multitude of second language acquisition techniques to make language and content understandable for all students. 

Teachers exchange classes with each other at the Kindergarten, first- and second-grade levels during the English portion of the day. This enables students to identify one particular teacher with Spanish and one with English. 

Experiential Curriculum

Teachers establish an environment where students must use the target language to meet real needs. This approach develops language skills through hands-on classroom experiences. Students more readily attach vocabulary to an activity in a hands-on or experiential setting.

Classroom Composition

The most desirable student ratio in a two way immersion classroom is 50% English-speakers and 50% Spanish-speakers, but the program can operate successfully as long as neither language group falls below 35% of the classroom population. 

These Ratios

• Maintain an environment of linguistic equity,
• Facilitate cross-learning for both language groups,
• Encourage social interaction among Spanish- and English-speakers,
• Promote cultural understanding among all students.