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Wakefield Elementary School
400 South Avenue
Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-0895

(209) 668-3945 FAX


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  

Wakefield Staff

Contact Luisa Salinas  Luisa Salinas Principal
Contact Angela DeTomasi  Angela DeTomasi Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Valery Anguiano  Valery Anguiano Staff
Contact Beva Brust  Beva Brust Staff
Contact Pearl Perez  Pearl Perez Staff
Contact Diana Valdez  Diana Valdez Health Tech
ELD Teacher
Contact Maribel Romero  Maribel Romero Teacher
Reading Specialist/Early Literacy Coach
Contact Maureen Pereira  Maureen Pereira Coach
Pre-formal Autism Teachers
Contact Christine Azevedo  Christine Azevedo Teacher
Contact Lauren Griffin  Lauren Griffin Teacher
Contact Samantha Juarez  Samantha Juarez Teacher
Contact Aracely Millan  Aracely Millan Teacher
Contact Teresa Montanez  Teresa Montanez Teacher
Contact Natalie Riddick-Neal  Natalie Riddick-Neal Teacher
TK & Kinder Teachers
Contact Marisol Alvarez  Marisol Alvarez Teacher
Contact Edith Barraza  Edith Barraza Teacher
Contact Elsa Mota  Elsa Mota Teacher
Contact Leticia Sandoval  Leticia Sandoval Teacher
Contact Anel Zambrana  Anel Zambrana Teacher
First Grade Teachers
Contact Susana Chavez  Susana Chavez Teacher
Contact Karina Cortez  Karina Cortez Teacher
Contact Yadira Deharo Silva  Yadira Deharo Silva Teacher
Contact Yaneth Moreno  Yaneth Moreno Teacher
Contact Vanessa Pulido  Vanessa Pulido Teacher
Second Grade Teachers
Contact John Adamson  John Adamson Teacher
Contact Erika Medina  Erika Medina Teacher
Contact Sonia Montanez  Sonia Montanez Teacher
Contact Melissa Salazar  Melissa Salazar Teacher
Third Grade Teachers
Contact Anita Eliazadeh  Anita Eliazadeh Teacher
Contact Cathy Ferrell  Cathy Ferrell Teacher
Contact Analilia Gomez  Analilia Gomez Teacher
Contact Yesenia Schneider  Yesenia Schneider Teacher
Fourth Grade Teachers
Contact Roberto Castillo  Roberto Castillo Teacher
Contact Kelli Estes  Kelli Estes Teacher
Contact Antonio Gonzalez  Antonio Gonzalez Teacher
Fifth Grade Teachers
Contact Kyle Nicolson  Kyle Nicolson Teacher
Contact Hilda Padilla  Hilda Padilla Teacher
Contact Celia Swan  Celia Swan Teacher
Sixth Grade Teachers
Contact Chris Alonzo  Chris Alonzo Teacher
Contact Rick Avila  Rick Avila Teacher
Contact Jennifer Maimone  Jennifer Maimone Teacher